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DVX Productions can provide you with a solution for all your recording requirements. We can transfer your precious memories from obsolete and current formats onto CD, DVD or USB. If you have irreplaceable material on any format, please don’t leave it too late to transfer it in case the originals get damaged or lost. VIDEO CONVERSION [fourcol_one]vhs cassette[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one]arrow[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one]dvd[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one_last]rice[/fourcol_one_last] Do you have precious films you want to safe-guard onto DVD, memory stick or hard-drive? Your children growing up, a loved one, your wedding video even? VHS, Compact VHS, Betamax, S-VHS, Video8, Hi8, Mini DV, DV Cam, Hi/Low Band Umatic, Betacam SP and most other video formats.
CINE FILM TRANSFERS [fourcol_one]cine projector[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one]arrow[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one]dvd[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one_last][/fourcol_one_last] Old formats of cine film lovingly converted, cropped and edited. Using the latest ‘clear scan’ technology we can remove flicker, Giving excellent results. 9.5mm, Standard 8, Super 8, 16mm.
CD, DVD, BLU-RAY TRANSFERS [fourcol_one]dvd[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one]arrow[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one]dvd[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one_last]price[/fourcol_one_last] With our latest in-house disc publisher and duplicator we can produce perfect duplication onto disc with fantastic professional looking gloss finish on-body print.
AUDIO CONVERSION [fourcol_one]audio conversion[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one]arrow[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one]dvd[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one_last]price[/fourcol_one_last] With regards to audio we can transfer from various formats including vinyl record, audio cassette, or CD. Let us transfer them to CD or MP3 and preserve those important sounds for the future.
DIGITIZE IMAGES [fourcol_one][/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one]arrow[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one][/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one_last]price[/fourcol_one_last] Old photos transfered to DVD [fourcol_one]photo[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one]arrow[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one][/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one_last][/fourcol_one_last] Any precious photographs can be copied, enlarged and enhanced, taking out any blemishes, creases and marks, providing a polished end result you would be happy to frame and put on the wall! We can also digitize images from most recordings to create valued photographs at a size of your choice. [fourcol_one]slide[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one]arrow[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one]dvd[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one_last]price[/fourcol_one_last] 35mm Slides transfered to DVD.
DUPLICATION [fourcol_one]dvd[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one]arrow[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one]DUBLICATION[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one_last]price[/fourcol_one_last]