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The story of Plymouth City Centre – then & now

The story of Plymouth City Centre – then & now. This is a quick clip showing a few extracts from our latest epic! The film has taken several months to create but judging by the reaction at the launch night inside St. Andrews Church the audience loved it. My main satisfaction was creating the sound effects to all the old silent movie and for the very first time being able to accurately place the footage within the City Centre, plus lining up all the then and now shots which was very satisfying. Well done to my colleague Chris for his extensive knowledge which makes these films what they are. This is our 13th film on Plymouth that we’ve made together over 20 years and many are saying that this one is our best yet. I just hope that people appreciate what goes into making these productions and stands as a lasting record of Plymouth’s illustrious history for all to enjoy as the years continue to role on. And will a historian in the future look back at this film and say “wasn’t it quaint back then!”

Left to Right: Douglas Fletcher PCCC; Alan Tibbitts DVX; Chris Robinson historian and Jon Walton (Plymouth City Centre Company)

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